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IRobertf you are looking for Fine Art photography that is truly distinctive and unique, look no further.

I have been interested in photography since I was 14 when I used my Mom’s camera to take my first pictures. I took a photography class in High School and learned how to use a manual camera and develop and print black and white film. I bought my first camera when I was 16 and shot black and white film until college when I started developing and printing color film. I worked in several photography labs in the early 80s. I loved working in the darkroom and could work 12 hours straight without getting tired. I still love the idea of creating something from nothing. I started using digital cameras about 20 years ago. I feel that the digital darkroom is more fun than a film darkroom. You can do things with digital negatives that you could never do with film.

I don’t think I have a niche or style that is unique and tied to one thing. I consider myself a Fine Art Photographer who has a passion to make photographs that capture a small part of what I see before me in nature, architecture, transportation and abstract subject matter. My images are done with a creative purpose just like a painter. Like all artists my work is personal. My art is created for me based on my vision. I love to share what I see with others.
For me photography is like a time capsule. It captures a moment in time that will not happen again. I think a lot of people miss those moments when nature is at its best. They miss the beauty that surrounds us all because they are moving too fast. I want my work to show people what they missed. I want them to be touched by the wonder and beauty that is all around us.

I am a very visual person. Everything I see inspires me. I am inspired by design whether it is natural or manmade. I love to look at flowers close up and see their color, lines and details. I love to look at a buildings angles and colors and how light plays on them. I look at the light, shadows and shapes of the object or scene. I look at the entire object or scene and then parts of it until I find something that catches my eye. I don’t force an object or scene to produce an image. Sometimes I will just start taking pictures at different angles and distances. Sometimes I won’t see anything until I process the image. Several years ago I started doing photo walks where I will go to a specific location and take pictures of everything I find interesting. This is where I find the little things that people don’t normally see. 

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